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KOOKA Publishing offers a unique range of panoramic postcard unlike anything else on the souvenir market. All cards follow a standard format which includes a dramatic 600mm long panorama on the inside and an additional photo of the area on the front cover. On the inside flap is some informative text including a short history. There is also a map of the area plus a key of the panorama.


Card Layout


All panoramas produced are also printed as standard 1 metre long posters. These high quality offset printed posters are sold rolled and packed in card tubes ready for mailing and framing. Most standard posters include the area title and the key as per the postcards.

Poster: Alice Springs - No. 2008001
Alice Springs Poster
Poster: Atherton - No. 2008002
Atherton Poster
Poster: Ballina - No. 2008003
Ballina Poster
Poster: Blue Mt - No. 2008004
Blue Mt Poster
Poster: Brisbane - No. 2008005
Brisbane Poster
Poster: Burleigh Heads - No. 2008006
Burleigh Heads Poster
Poster: Byron Bay - No. 2008007
Byron Bay Poster
Poster: Cape Tribulation - No. 2008008
Cape Tribulation Poster
Poster: Coffs Harbour - No. 2008009
Coffs Harbour Poster
Poster: Coolangatta - No. 2008010
Coolangatta Poster
Poster: Currumbin - No. 2008011
Currumbin Poster
Poster: Daintree - No. 2008012
Daintree Poster
Poster: Forster - No. 2008013
Forster Poster
Poster: Illawara - No. 2008014
Illawara Poster
Poster: Kiama - No. 2008015
Kiama Poster
Poster: Kings Canyon - No. 2008016
Kings Canyon Poster
Poster: MacQuarie - No. 2008017
MacQuarie Poster
Poster: Mt Warning - No. 2008018
Mt Warning Poster
Poster: Nambucca - No. 2008019
Nambucca Poster
Poster: Nelson Bay - No. 2008020
Nelson Bay Poster
Poster: New Castle - No. 2008021
NewCastle Poster
Poster: Olgas - No. 2008022
Olgas Poster
Poster: Port Douglas - No. 2008023
Port Douglas Poster
Poster: Surfers - No. 2008024
Surfers Poster
Poster: Sydney - No. 2008025
Sydney Poster
Poster: Wollongong - No. 2008026
Wollongong Poster

Large Format Prints

All our images including those used on the covers of our postcards can be printed to any size up to 8 metres x 1.5metres high. As our photos are taken at the highest resolution they are suitable for crystal clear reproduction in very large format.

Digital Images

All Kooka images are available for sale as digital files. The cost of an emailable image (approx 10Mb) is $150 +GST. If you require a larger image ( 30 - 120 Mb) burned to disc and posted - cost = $250 + GST + P&P Conditions apply.

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